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Statistics Systems. By Generalmajor Burkhart Mueller-Hillebrand and 7 others.

Шикарное исследование Мюллера-Гиллебрандта и группы авторов.

P-011, Statistics Systems

By Generalmajor Burkhart Mueller-Hillebrand and 7 others; 193 pp, 14 illus; 1949. Part I describes in detail the German system of preparing statistical reports; Part II contains actual statistics for the German Army, particularly strength and casualty reports. Useful to a study of the High Command, Army organization, and the medical services.

Часть 1.

70 страниц. 40,33 MB

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Часть 2.

144 страницы. 78.89 MB

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Tags: вторая мировая, документы германия

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